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Pharmaceutical Process Automation Equipment:

MS12, MT12, MS16 and MT16 Micro-ingredient Feeders 

The Coperion K-Tron low rate, Micro-ingredient Feeder line includes interchangeable MT12mm and MT16mm twin screw feeding modules or MS12mm and MS16mm single screw feeder modules. Overall feed rate capacity is from 0.02 dm³ / hr. to 27 dm³ / hr. 

The Micro-ingredient Feeder is ideal for applications feeding high value / high cost additives in any food, pharmaceutical, plastics and chemical process that require second to second performance with a high degree of accuracy. The interchangeable twin to single screw feed modules provides versatility to handle a broad range of materials from powders to granular.

The unit has a small overall profile and footprint allowing for closer discharge dimensions and is ideal for multi-ingredient cluster arrangements. The design also allows for extended screw profiles. The unit is easy to take apart, clean and maintain with a totally enclosed weight sensor and drive motor with higher torque for handling difficult materials.
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Pharmaceutical Vibratory Loss-in-Weight Feeder 

This vibratory loss-in-weight feeder is designed for the low rate addition of difficult flowing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's). Typical applications include vibratory feeding of cohesive API's that normally would build up when fed via standard twin screw feeding configurations. The specialty vibratory feeding principle, coupled with Coperion K-Tron's patented load cells and KCM controller, ensure high accuracy feeding for even the most difficult flowing products. Feeder is ideal for continuous pharmaceutical operations, such as continuous extrusion, granulation, mixing and coating.

Coperion K-Tron Pharmacetical / Hygienic Aerolock™ Rotary Valve

Specifically designed for sanitary pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications, this low capacity rotary valve offers a highly polished surface on both the interior and exterior of the unit. With all product surfaces compliant with FDA guidelines, the Pharmaceutical & Hygenic airlock rotary valve is ideal where the metering of bulk solids requires frequent cleaning.   

T20 Twin Screw Pharmaceutical Feeder specifically designed for poor flowing materials 

Coperion K-Tron has implemented a number of design enhancements to the T20 Pharmaceutical feeder including:

  • Improved screw shaft seal design with O Ring
  • Standard seal purge assuring no migration of product to bearing area
  • Improved drainage design for CIP
  • Provide positive purge for inerting
  • Angled machine face on agitator mating surface to bowl for drainage
  • Internal air routing for purging feeder seals
  • Intrinsic safe option for European ATEX 2GD and U.S. Class I Div 1 hazardous area applications.

Volumetric Pharmaceutical Feeder Catalog 
Loss-in-Weight Pharmaceutical Feeder Catalog


Coperion K-Tron P-Series Receivers: Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying from Powders to Capsules

The Coperion K-Tron P-Series provide a sanitary, custom solution for difficult conveying applications. The sanitary design features include steep cone angles to ensure excellent discharge and band clamps for quick disassembly.  The material conveying principle includes pneumatic, vacuum, dilute phase, and dense phase conveying. Conveying rates vary depending on model, product characteristics and conveying distances.

Typical materials include tablets, capsules, flakes, and free-flowing to poorly flowing powders, specifically materials that need gentle conveying. Models available include an operational P10, and a static P30 unit, in mirror finish.

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